The Sex Offender Registry Is Unconstitutional

Welcome, This website is dedicated to the Fight against the immoral registry which has significantly devastated and shattered the lives of thousands of innocent people and their families and their children.

Together we can put an end to the twisted Government's unlawful registry and end the mental and physical downloadpunishment and torment of those. We need to stand strong as one mighty army and declare to our government, the immoral and the impure, that we are not "Sex Offenders", but honorable people created in the image and likeness of almighty God.

The Government holds no basic right to "single out" and inflect such immoral punishment to any person no matter what misstate they may have had in their prior life.

Our Government and our Media daily bombards the senses of our nation with the idea that just because a person makes a bad step in life, they should be labeled as abnormal and abhorrent, and that they are an abomination and should be labeled as a sex offender.

Please read the case and documents to understand my family and I burden. Please sign both Petitions to help end the immoral registry and to relieve my family and I including the life of thousands from the horrifying torture.

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